The Fearless Life Project was born out of pure necessity.

I desperately needed a bulletproof system to help me overcome the anxieties and overwhelm keeping me trapped in an unfulfilling life.

Because the crazy thing is, growing up in school we learn all kinds of useless facts and figures.

But we are never taught how to interact with ourselves.

We are never taught how to navigate, optimize and master the thoughts, emotions and belief systems that directly impact our actions and habits in the most critical points on our journey to success.

It doesn’t matter how many books you read or motivational videos you watch…

There is no getting around the fact that you are human.

"We are never taught how to master the emotions that keep us stuck on our way to success"

You are deeply ingrained to seek the comfort and predictability of staying stuck…

So if left to your own devices, you end up fighting against yourself to sabotage the growth you’re working so hard to create.

Stress. Anxiety.

Self-doubt. Overwhelm.

Negativity. Risk of being judged.

And a whole slew of other fear-based emotional states will always chime in right on the verge of epic breakthroughs.

So The Fearless Life Project is here to show you how to physically and mentally rise above the things keeping you trapped.

Because when you have the tools to move forward when the old you would have reverted back to the staleness of your comfort zone, you become limitless to create any growth you desire.

"We are here to show you how to physically and mentally rise above the things keeping you trapped.."

So if you are stuck, doubting your abilities to move forward…

And are losing hope that you’ll ever create the successful and impactful life you deserve, take heart in knowing that you are not broken, doomed or defective.

Your mind and body are simply doing what they are currently wired to do. And they will continue to do that until you step up to change your relationship with the fears holding you back.

The FLP will show you how to reprogram your body and rewire your mindset so you can finally break free of the patterns and habits that have suffocated your success.

Below are a few reasons people look to The FLP for coaching and guidance in the most critical points in their journeys of transformation.

Lack Of Clarity On What’s Next

When people know they want more out of life, they talk themselves out of taking action because they ‘don’t know’ what to do next. This lack of clarity is actually a form of fear caused by your brain wanting to avoid change. The FLP will help you overcome this fear to create a crystal clear vision of who you are, what you want, and how to get there.

Stalled Career/Business Growth

Your professional success is simply an extension of your inner-power and clarity. So if there is constant stress, overwhelm and chaos internally, it will continue to wreak havoc on your ability to create fulfilling growth in your career or business. The FLP will help you master the systems to amplify your performance and productivity, which will exponentially increase your professional growth. I’ve literally had people increase their revenue by 300% in 100 days, this is no joke.

Poor Health/Low Self-Esteem

Fear causes us to revert to habits and behaviors that tear down our physical and mental health. Whether you are struggling with your weight, your self-worth, or you keep repeating harmful patterns that sabotage your well-being, the FLP will walk you through a bulletproof plan to take your fitness and your confidence to the next level so you can enjoy the strength, energy and momentum you deserve.

Life Imbalance/Loss of Mojo

I get it. Life can get so overwhelming that one day you look around and you can’t recognize who you are anymore. You don’t know how things have gotten so unbalanced, and you feel like you have lost total control of who you are being. The FLP will walk you through a step-by-step process to reconnect with your inner badass while helping you create growth and balance in your life. Because once it’s the real you back in the driver’s seat, you’ll quickly begin to create consistent progress each and every week.


The 4 Pillars Of The Fearless Life Project


Because all areas of life are interrelated and directly impact one another, the FLP approach allows you to step up powerfully in every aspect. What’s the point in creating professional success if you are too stressed out to enjoy it? What’s the point of getting into amazing shape if your life lacks authenticity and balance? When working together all 4 pillars are non-negotiable. Because once you have them mastered, not only will you have an unbreakable foundation to build your progress upon, but will also have a powerful framework that will allow you to consistently grow with clarity and confidence every single day.


What would happen if you tried to download new programs onto a computer that already had a virus?

Not only would the programs fail, but eventually the entire software would overload and crash. This is what happens to most people who try to create change in their life while their body is stuck, internally addicted to the hormones and chemicals of stress and overwhelm. Progress is impossible.

The FLP fixes this by combining expertly designed fitness programming with strategic nutritional optimization and lifestyle modifications to produce powerful upgrades at a physical and hormonal level. Not only does this break your body’s addiction to stress, but also allows you to show up with the clarity, energy and productivity needed to produce lasting changes.  

Oh, the added muscle, reduced body fat and powerful mental toughness are just an added bonus.


If you want to create a new life, you have to upgrade your actions and habits. And if you want to improve your actions and habits, you need to upgrade the thoughts and beliefs that directly influence them.

We work together to identify, disrupt and replace the fear-based thought-patterns and belief systems that have sabotaged your actions and kept you stuck for so long.

And through the utilization of daily habits, strategic exercises and interactive coaching techniques, we are able to construct a more empowering mindset of thoughts and beliefs that directly translate into actions and habits that produce real results each and every week.

Because once you have the internal tools to disarm and move past fear, you are finally limitless to create versions of success that your old self deemed ‘off limits’.


Once your body and brain are working together to move forward, you are almost unstoppable. But you will never build your version of success if your life is filled with chaos.

Only when you have clarity and ownership of your resources and your values can you finally begin to create new growth like never before.

We will work together to identify all the ways you are spending your time, energy and money in ways that don’t serve you.

Then we can make powerful adjustments to ensure you are reinvesting these resources in ways that amplify your ability to show up as your greatest self.

Because once your time, energy and finances are aligned with your goals and values, massive success happens almost instantaneously.


Pardon my french, but this is when shit gets really good. Once your brain and body are working as an unstoppable team to move you forward, and you have the balance needed to amplify your time, energy and productivity in ways that align with your real self, it’s time to masterfully create the life you want to live.

We strategically craft the vision of what your ideal life is going to look like personally, professionally and physically,  and reverse engineer your success by breaking it down into non-negotiable steps.

Combining your newly acquired skills and mindset with the direct guidance, proven systems and accountability of powerful coaching, you will move the needle forward in your life week after week as you create the ultimate version of your life filled with freedom, clarity, success and impact.